The faculty brings to the FIEC users through the Technical Support Department the services that Google offers for free. The Google Apps publication, collaboration and communication tools, available for students, teachers and faculty admins, are the following:

Electronic mail with more than 7GB storage capacity, mail search tool and embedded chat.

Google Calendar
Allows to organize agendas, share events, meetings and full calendars.

Google Docs
Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, share them and collaborate in real time.

Google Sites
Create and publish web pages in a quick and easy way with this WYSIWYG tool (what you see is what you get).

Google Talk
Voice calls and text to all the world.

For more information about the available Google Apps tools for the faculty, please look for it in the following help page:

NOTE: The accounts that were created before to the current date (January 15, 2008), are going to be migrated gradually to the Google servers. Until so, they can be accessed through the temporal link:

Additionally, the faculty have INTERNAL services, which aren't exclusive for the FIEC students like the METIS and DOWNLOADS (where some software that the students need are available).

As EXTERNAL services we offer Courses and Seminaries that are available for all the users, also the Project Development Center (CDP - acronym in Spanish) where we can found information about the principal projects that the FIEC is developing.